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Photo 5: Espada Aqueduct and Acequia.

[Graphic] Photo 5 with link to higher quality photo. (San Antonio Missions National Historical Park)

The dry climate of southwest Texas made irrigation crucial for growing the crops that would determine the success of a new mission. Around San Antonio the Spanish used what was known as acequias (ah-SAY-key-ahs), a system of ditches that the Moslems had introduced to Spain. Missionaries and Indians built seven gravity-flow ditches, five dams, and an aqueduct in order to distribute water from the San Antonio River over a 15-mile network that covered 3,500 acres of land.

Questions for Photo 5

1. Using Map 2, locate the Espada Aqueduct.

2. Why would the system have been an important part of mission life in San Antonio?

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