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United States History Standards for Grades 5-12

San Antonio Missions: Spanish Influence in Texas
relates to the following National Standards for History:

    Era 1: Three Worlds Meet (Beginnings to 1620)

  • Standard 1D- The student understands the differences and similarities among Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans who converged in the western hemisphere after 1492.
  • Standard 2A- The student understands the stages of European oceanic and overland exploration, amid international rivalries, from the 9th to 17th centuries.
  • Standard 2B- The student understands the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the Americas.

    Era 2: Colonization and Settlement (1585 to 1763)

  • Standard 1A- The student understands how diverse immigrants affected the formation of European colonies.
  • Standard 1B- The student understands the European struggle for control of North America.
  • Standard 2B- The student understands religious diversity in the colonies and how ideas about religious freedom evolved.
  • Standard 3A-The student understands colonial economic life and labor systems in the Americas.

    Era 4: Expansion and Reform (1801-1861)

  • Standard 2E- The student understands the settlement of the West.


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