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Map 1: The Washington, D.C. area.

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By 1890 Barton was searching for a location to establish a new headquarters for the Red Cross. In 1891 she received an offer she could not refuse--a plot of land and workmen to build a structure in Glen Echo, Maryland. Although she intended to use the Glen Echo structure both as the headquarters and her home, the distance from Washington, D.C., proved inconvenient, and Barton used the building instead as a warehouse. In 1897 when trolley lines made Glen Echo more accessible, Barton remodeled the Red Cross warehouse to serve as her home and the institution's headquarters.

1) How far is it from the White House to Glen Echo?

2) Why might proximity to the capital city have been important to Barton?

3) What different forms of transportation would have been available to Barton while she lived in Glen Echo (1897-1912)?

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