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Eleanor Roosevelt--Supplementary Resources

First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill examines the humanitarian efforts of Eleanor Roosevelt. Below are materials for further exploration about Eleanor Roosevelt, her home at Val-Kill, and the legacy she left behind.

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site
Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, also know as Val-Kill is a unit of the National Park Service. Visit the park's web pages for more information on Mrs. Roosevelt and her life, including time spent at Val-Kill.

National Register of Historic Places:
Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

The National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places with state and local partners created a travel itinerary called "Places Where Women Made History." The itinerary features a description and photographs of Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site.

National Park Service - Museum Management Program
Eleanor Roosevelt: American Visionary is an online exhibit exploring the life of one the most dynamic, broadly effective, and controversial First Ladies in American history. The Museum Management Program also has a lesson plan focused on Eleanor Roosevelt: A Few of Eleanor's Favorite Things: Learning about History by Looking at Objects.

Eleanor Roosevelt Biographies
The following biographies of the first lady offer:

The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill (ERVK)
ERVK is a non-profit organization created to honor the legacy and continue the work of Eleanor Roosevelt. Its website provides information about the programs provided by the center, the center's newsletters, a history of the property, and information about the center's mission. The site also hosts a Flash-based introduction to Eleanor Roosevelt's personal life, political and social activism, and opinions through photographs, quotations, and narrative.

The National First Ladies' Library
The National First Ladies' Library includes a bibliography of the writings, speeches, and correspondence of forty-three first ladies, including Eleanor Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
The FDR Library and Museum includes over 1000 photographs of the president and first lady, resources for educators, and the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Timeline.

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