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The Invention Factory--Supplementary Resources

The Invention Factory: Thomas Edison's Laboratories covers only part of the life of America's greatest inventors. Below are materials for further exploration of the subjects this lesson considers.

Edison Resources
Edison National Historic Site
This unit of the National Park Service consists of Edison's research and development laboratory and his home, Glenmont. The park's web pages detail his history; its offerings include photographs, his 1,093 patents, and materials for teachers.

Library of Congress
The American Memory collection offers a wide variety of resources about Edison, including some of the earliest films his company produced. Start with the search engine, being sure to choose "Match this exact phrase" before you enter the topic you want to search.

National Archives (NARA)
The Archives has placed on its web site Edison's patent application for the electric bulb and a petition he signed asking that the Chicago's World Fair be allowed to remain open on Sundays. To find them, visit the NARA search engine and enter "Thomas Edison."

The Thomas A. Edison Papers
The Edison Papers are a documentary editing project from Rutgers, the National Park Service, the Smithsonian, and the New Jersey Historical Commission. Its web site contains photographs, maps, a list of Edison's companies, and reference materials about his records.

Thomas Alva Edison: The Phonograph
This site, part of MIT's Invention Dimension web site, provides a synopsis of Edison's inventions. The site's home page is a gateway to the Lemelson-MIT Prize Program for inventors and provides information about a large number of inventors, from the famous to the lesser known.

Adventures in CyberSound
Russell Naughton's on-line Ph.D. dissertation on the history of radio provides many resources about Edison (scroll down to find the information related to Thomas Edison). Included are excellent photographs of his inventions, numerous essays, and a variety of links to related websites.


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