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Chart 1: December 7, 1941 losses

Personnel Killed United States Japan
Navy 1998 64
Marine Corps 109
Army 233
Civilian 48


Personnel Wounded
Navy 710 Unknown
Marine Corps 69
Army 364
Civilian 35


Sunk or beached * 12 5
Damaged 9


Destroyed 164 29
Damaged 159 74


*All U.S. ships, except the USS Arizona, the USS Utah, and the USS Oklahoma, were salvaged and later saw action.
*Figures are subject to change according to new evidence.

Of the total number of men killed at Pearl Harbor, approximately 1,177 were sailors and marines serving on the USS Arizona. Approximately 333 men aboard the USS Arizona survived the attack.

1. Why was the Japanese casualty list so low compared with that of the United States?

2. What percentage of U.S. losses came from the Arizona?

3. What percentage of the total crew on the Arizona survived?

4. Do these figures help you to understand why the remains of the Arizona were chosen as a site for a memorial? Why or why not?

Information for Chart 1 comes from the USS Arizona Memorial, National Park Service.




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