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Photo 4: William Howard Taft National Historic Site.

[Graphic] Photo 4 with link to higher quality photo. (William Howard Taft National Historic Site, National Park Service)

The Mount Auburn house was sold by the Taft family in 1889. It went through many alterations, including use as an apartment house, before it was saved from demolition by the Taft Memorial Association in 1938, eight years after Taft's death. In 1969, the Federal Government designated the Taft house a national historic site, honoring the life and work of William Howard Taft. Restoration experts and historians used letters and diaries describing the decorating, home improvements, and furniture purchases of the family to furnish four rooms of the house, reflecting the way it looked when the Tafts lived there. The remainder of the house contains exhibits that illustrate Taft's life and career.

Questions for Photo 4

1. Can you tell in what time period this house might have been built?

2. Do you think it is important to protect historic buildings associated with the lives of our presidents? Why or why not?

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