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Photo 3: Spann Rosenwald School, Madison County, Tennessee, 1939.

[Photo 3: Spann Rosenwald School, Madison County, Tennessee, 1939. Courtesy of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.] with link to larger version of photo.(Photograph courtesy of Tennessee State Library and Archives)

The Spann Rosenwald School was built in 1926 on two acres of land that included a schoolhouse, outbuilding, and garden. The school had two teachers and seventy-one students.

Questions for Photo 3

1) In what type of area do you think this school was built? How can you tell?

2) How do you think students used the school yard? How might the community have used it? Why do you think so?

3) How is this school similar to the school buildings in Drawing 1 and Photo 1? How is it different?

4) What man-made features of the landscape might be part of the Fund's recommendations? Why do you think so? (Refer to Reading 2 if necessary)

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