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Photo 1: Pee Dee Rosenwald School,
Marion County, South Carolina, c. 1935.

[Getting Started: Public Domain image from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History] (Public Domain image from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History)

Pee Dee Rosenwald School was built in 1922-1923 with two classrooms and two cloakrooms. A chalkboard was located on the partition between the two rooms. Students' desks faced the chalkboard with the teachers' desks located off to the side. The wall between the classrooms could be moved to open a large space in the school.

Questions for Photo 1

1) Compare the photo of this school with the descriptions of Rosenwald schools in the Readings. What evidence in the photograph tells you that this is a Rosenwald School? List all of the characteristic features of Rosenwald schools you can find.

2) In what ways is this school similar to yours? How is it different? Give examples from the photograph and the caption.

3) Compare the Pee Dee School to the building drawn in the architectural plan in Drawing 1. How are the two buildings similar? How are they different?

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