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Map 2: Educational Finance Commission New Schools Map.

Map 2: Educational Finance Commission Equalization Schools Map shows where black and white schools were built between July 1951 and December 1954. Public Domain image courtesy of the South Carolina State Library.(Public Domain image courtesy of the South Carolina State Library)

The State Educational Finance Commission published a report on the equalization program in 1955. This report is titled. "South Carolina's Educational Revolution: A Report of Progress in South Carolina." The report highlighted the new schools constructed, the new buses purchased, and the locations of new schools across the state.

Questions for Map 2

1) Which county had the most new school construction? Which county had the least? (Refer to Map 1 to find the county names)

2) What population patterns do you see in this map? What could these patterns tell you about the need for new African American schools?

3) Find Richland County on the map. How many new schools did Richland County have? Compare Richland County to the surrounding counties. What is the same? What is different?

4) This map was part of a report labeled "Progress in South Carolina." Do you think this map shows progress in education? Explain your answer.

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