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Visual Evidence

Photo 3: Terraced dwellings in an occupied Hopi town, ca. 1880.

[Photo 3: Terraced dwellings on the Hopi Reservation, ca. 1880.] with link to larger version of Photo.
(Photo by John K. Hillers, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration)

Questions for Photo 3

1) Compare Photo 2 with Photo 3. How are these two places similar? In what ways? How are these places different?

2) How might a photo of an occupied village like the one shown in Photo 3 help archeologists explain what they found during an excavation of Awatovi?

3) What problems do you think there might be with using a 19th century photograph of a Hopi village to study 17th century Hopi culture and society?

* Click for a larger version of Photo 3.



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