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Visual Evidence

Photo 2: Archeological Site at Awatovi.

[Photo 2: Archeological Site at Awatovi. Courtesy of the National Park Service.] with link to larger version of Photo.(National Historic Landmark registration file)

Questions for Photo 2

1) Immovable remains, like a buried wall or a fire pit, are called “features” by archeologists. What Hopi features can you find in this photograph?

2) What do you think this place used to look like? How do you know?

3) What do you think are the dangers of an excavation here? What precautions might archeologists take to preserve a site that they excavate? (Refer to Reading 2 if necessary)

4) If you were an archeologist excavating Awatovi, what mysteries about the past would you want to try to solve with your investigation? Write two questions that you believe evidence from Awatovi might be able to answer.

* Click for a larger version of Photo 2.



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