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Photo 3: Excavating Charlesfort-Santa Elena.

Fort San Felipe - Archeological Site
(Photo by Mark Barnes, courtesy of the National Park Service)

Excavation showing the first Fort San Felipe moat (on the left) and the Charlesfort moat (on the right). Oyster shells on the right rest on the bottom of the Charlesfort moat.

Questions for Photo 3

1) What is a "moat?" How do you think it was useful for settlers here? (Refer to a dictionary and Reading 2 if necessary)

2) Based on the photo, how do you think archeologists decided this site to be a moat? What evidence do you see?

2) What evidence not shown in Photo 3 might archeologists have used to determine this site to be a moat? How would that evidence support the theory that this place is a moat?

3) What do you think professional archeologists consider when digging at an archeological site? What precautions do they need to take? Why?


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