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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: Artifacts from the
Charlesfort-Santa Elena site.

Archeological Artifacts
(Photo by Stan South, courtesy of the National Park Service)

Stoneware left during the 1562-1563 French occupation, taken from the Charlesfort-Santa Elena Site.


Photo 2: Artifacts at the Charlesfort-Santa Elena site.

(Photo by Joe Joseph, courtesy of the National Park Service)

Archeological materials at the Charlesfort-Santa Elena Site, including 16th-century Spanish majolica.

Questions for Photos 1 & 2

1) What do you see in Photo 1? What do you see in Photo 2? How is this evidence similar?

2) What kinds of evidence do these photos offer archeologists and historians to determine different cultures created them? How is the evidence in the photos different?

3) Based on the archeological evidence in Photo 2, what can you determine about colonial life for Spanish settlers? Explain.

4) What other historical research or types of artifacts might help historians and archeologists learn more about the Santa Elena colony? Where would you look to uncover new information?


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