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Visual Evidence

Photo 3: Men inside a radar van.

[Photo 3: Men inside a radar van.] with link to larger version of photo. (U.S. Army)

If an enemy invaded a Nike site, the soldiers’ orders were to evacuate the vans and throw grenades into them. The grenades would burn all of the equipment and data to keep the enemy from getting it. The radar vans were made out of magnesium, which means they could burn hot and fast.

Questions for Photo 3

1) Where are these men? What are they doing in this picture? (Refer to Map 2 and Reading 3 if necessary)

2) What devices and electronics equipment can you see? How do you think these devices and equipment supported the mission of the Nike base? (Refer to Reading 3 if necessary)

3) What dangers and challenges did these men face? If you were a soldier at the base, would you rather work here or on another part of the base? Why?

* Click for a larger version of Photo 3.



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