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Photo 2: Guarding the Nike-Hercules missiles.

[Photo 2: Guarding the Nike-Hercules missiles.] with link to larger version of Photo.(U.S. Army)

Site Summit veteran Gregory Durocher said, “We had all this training called Use of Force. You were told when force could and could not be used, how much, minimum force to stop... We boiled it down to the outer fence was ‘halt halt bang’ and the inner fence was ‘bang halt halt.’ ”

Questions for Photo 2

1) What kinds of people do you think were not allowed at Site Summit? Who might try to enter the base? Why?

2) Photo 2 shows evidence of several ways the Army defended Site Summit. Describe three. What do you think was the most effective? Why?

3) What is “Use of Force?” Why would a soldier tell someone to halt first and then fire his gun at the first fence? Why would a soldier fire first at the second fence?

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