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Alaska's Site Summit: Cold War Defense and its Legacy in the North --
Supplementary Resources

By studying Site Summit, students learn about the Cold War and how it influenced the development of the Nike Hercules Missile Program and how the Cold War and the missile program affected Alaska. The following is a list of websites where students will find excellent research materials and information related to the Cold War, Nike Hercules Missile Program, and Site Summit.

Site Summit Alaska
Explore the Nike Alaska website to learn about what it was like to serve at Site Summit through factual information, photographs, and personal accounts.

Friends of Nike Site Summit
Friends of Nike Site Summit (FONSS) is an Anchorage community organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Site Summit. Visit this website to learn about the history of Site Summit through the website content and links and find out about preservation efforts, volunteer opportunities, and scheduling tours.

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series
The National Park Service Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms travel itinerary features historic places in the United States related to aviation and includes many Cold War sites, including Nike missile sites: Site Summit, Nike Missile Site HM-69 in Florida, and Nike Missile Site C-47 in Indiana.

Teaching with Historic Places
Before the Cold War came to Alaska, the United States and Russia formed an alliance there. In Ladd Field and the Lend-Lease Mission: Defending Alaska in WWII, students learn about how a small town in a remote U.S. territory played a large role in defending the United States and its allies during World War II.

The Cold War Museum
The online Cold War Museum features a detailed timeline and explanation of major events that occurred during the Cold War. The website also includes fascinating historical accounts of military and espionage activities.

Library of Congress
The National Park Service's Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Record collection at the Library of Congress contains detailed drawings, photographs, and documentation from the survey of Site Summit. Click here for documentation on the "Nike Hercules Missile Battery Summit Site, Battery Control Administration & Barracks Building, Anchorage, Anchorage, AK," or search for more on HABS/HAER.


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