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Visual Evidence

Map 3: Quincy Mine Location, c. 1920.

[Map 3: Quincy Mine Location, c. 1920.] with link to larger version of photo.(Library of Congress)

Key for map of the Quincy Mining Company community

1. Doctor’s Residence
2. Dispensary
3. Agent’s Residence
4. Clerk’s Residence
5. Mine Office
6. George North’s Residence
7. Captain’s Residence
8. North’s Store
9. Quincy School
10. Clubhouse (Bath-house)

11. Methodist Church
12. Catholic Church and Priest’s Residence
13. James H. Seafar and Company Franklin Store
14. Franklin School
15. Old Franklin School; Franklin Boarding House
16. Pewabic School

Questions for Map 3

1) What evidence do you see of a paternalistic mining community in Map 4? (Refer to Reading 4 if necessary)

2) Quincy employees lived in the neighborhoods of Limerick, Singsing, Frenchtown, Hardscrabble, Pewabic, Franklin, and Backstreet. Underline the names of these places. Find the mine shafts and circle them. What would be some of the benefits of living that close to work? What might be the drawbacks?

3) Find the No. 2 Shaft. What community buildings are nearby? Why do you think these places were built near the mine shaft? What do you think that reveals about the Quincy community?

* Click for a larger version of Map 3.



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