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The No. 2 Quincy Shaft-Rockhouse: 9,240 Feet into the Earth --
Supplementary Resources

By studying The No. 2 Quincy Shaft-Rockhouse: 9,240 Feet into the Earth, students learn about the important connection between immigration and industrial labor in the 19th and 20th centuries and the significance copper mining to U.S. industrial history. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Keweenaw National Historical Park
This National Park Service website shares the history of all those who mined Keweenaw copper. It provides information about Park and partner resources, including a list of Keweenaw mining heritage sites like the No. 2 Quincy Shaft-Rockhouse.

Coppertown USA
Calumet, Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula is "Coppertown USA." This website contains historical information in its online exhibits, with photos, as well as travel information for people interested in visiting the historical places in the peninsula.

Quincy Mine Hoist Association
The Quincy Mine Hoist Association, Inc., is the non-profit that offers tours of the historic mining town, information about copper mining in Michigan, and a giftshop at the site of the historic Quincy Mining Company. The organization also preserves the site of the Quincy Mining Company and cares for the historic No. 2 Shaft-Rockhouse. The organization's website includes information about the Quincy Mining Company .

Mining Engineering--History
The Michigan Technological University's Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences website offers a page of resources on mining and mining history in Michigan. This includes a list of links to other websites about Michigan mine history. The MTU website also hosts a subsite with information about historic Michigan mine shafts.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan's DNR provides information on mining at its Lansing-based Michigan Historical Museum and the museum's website. This website includes information about Michigan's copper and iron mining, as well as its history of limestone, salt, gypsum, oil, natural gas, coal, stone, sand, and gravel production.

Mining History Association
The Mining History Association website is a resource for anyone interested in mining history. The site's resources page includes a list of historic mines in the United States, organized by state, and links to research collections.




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