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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: The Octagon Dining Room.

[Photo 1: The Octagon Dining Room.] with link to larger version of photo. (Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress)

The Octagon Museum recreated the dining room with some of the Tayloe family’s original furnishings and other decorations from the early 19th century.

Questions for Photo 1

1) What features, decorations, and art do you see in this room? Give some examples.

2) What individuals or families mentioned in Readings 1-4 may have dined in this room? What people mentioned in the readings would not have dined in this room? Why not?

3) What chores do you think The Octagon’s servants and enslaved residents have to do before the Tayloes could entertain in this room? What evidence supports your answer?

* Click for a larger version of Photo 1.



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