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Drawing 1: Plans of The Octagon's First and Second floors.

[Drawing 1: Plans of the Octagon’s First and Second floors.] with link to larger version of drawing.(Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress)

The Octagon has a basement, three main stories, and an attic. A “Drawing Room” is a formal lounge where visitors can gather and socialize.

Questions for Drawing 1

1) Compare the first and second floors. What room is directly above the Entrance Hall? What rooms are directly above the Drawing Room? What rooms are above the Dining Room?

2) First Lady Dolley Madison is known for hosting regular social gatherings for important people in Washington, D.C. She did not want to stop entertaining important people after the White House burned. Why was The Octagon a good temporary replacement for the President's House?

3) Compare the place where you live to The Octagon. How is your home different from the Tayloe’s and the Madison’s Octagon? How is it similar? How does the building you live in help create an identity for your community?

* Click for a larger version of Drawing 1.



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