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Visual Evidence

Painting 1: "A view near the President's house in the City of Washington," 1813, by S. Lewis.

[ Painting 1: “A view near the President’s house in the City of Washington,” 1813, by S. Lewis] with link to larger version of painting. (Courtesy of The Octagon Museum)

The Octagon is the building on the right of the painting, behind tall trees.

Questions for Painting 1

1) Describe the scene in the painting. What kind of place is this?

2) Describe The Octagon. How many stories do you think it is? What kind of materials do you think it is made from?

3) Compare The Octagon to other buildings in the painting. How is it similar to the other houses? How is it different?

4) Compare this image to Map 2. From what you see, how did the city of Washington change in 200 years? What did not change?

* Click for a larger version of Painting 1 (oriented to print as portrait).



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