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Visual Evidence

Print 1: Fight At the North Bridge,
by Amos Doolittle.

[Print 1: Doolittle Print: Fight At the North Bridge.] with link to larger version of photo.(Courtesy Concord Museum, Concord, MA,

Caption, below engraving: 1. The Detachment of the Regulars who fired first on the Provincials at the Bridge || 2. The Provincials headed by Colonel Robinson & Major Buttrick. 3. The Bridge

Questions for Print 1

1) What group of people is to the left of the bridge? What group do you think is to the right of the bridge? What makes you think so?

2) Describe what is happening in this Doolittle drawing. What action do you see?

3) Compare the depiction of the battle and the soldiers in this drawing with what you read in the Readings and saw in Photo 1. What is similar? What is different?

* Click for a larger version of Print 1.



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