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Photo 1: Thomas Kennard and John Gillespie houses, 1872

[Photo 1: 1872 view of the Thomas Kennard and John Gillespie houses] with link to larger version of image.(Nebraska State Historical Society)

Questions for Photo 1

1) Based on the architectural description in Reading 3, which building in Photo 1 is the Kennard House? Which is the Gillespie House?

2) Compare and contrast the Kennard House with the house in the lower foreground of Photo 1. How do you think the lifestyles of the residents in these two houses would have differed?

3) Think about Lincoln's purpose. If you were Thomas Kennard, where in the community would you have wanted to build your house? From where do you think Photo 1 might have been taken? (Refer back to Map 1 and Reading 1, if necessary.)

Click for a larger version of Photo 1.


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