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Historical Context





Table of

Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies

Thomas P. Kennard House: Building a Prairie Capital

relates to the following Social Studies Standards:

    Theme II: Time, Continuity, & Change
  • Standard D - The student identifies and uses processes important to reconstructing and reinterpreting the past, such as using a variety of sources, providing, validating, and weighing evidence for claims, checking credibility of sources, and searching for causality.
    Theme III: People, Places, & Environments
  • Standard B - The student creates, interprets, uses, and distinguishes various representations of the earth, such as maps, globes, and photographs.
  • Standard H - The student examines, interprets, and analyzes physical and cultural patterns and their interactions, such as land use, settlement patterns, cultural transmission of customs and ideas, and ecosystem changes.
  • Standard I - The student describes ways that historical events have been influenced by, and have influenced, physical and human geographic factors, in local regional, national, and global settings.
    Theme VI: Power, Authority, & Governance
  • Standard B - Describe the purpose of government and how its powers are acquired, used, and justified.


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