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Thomas P. Kennard House: Building a Prairie Capital
Supplementary Resources

In this lesson, students learned about the Kennard House and the role it played in founding Lincoln, Nebraska, in the 19th century. Those interested in learning more will find much useful information on the internet. Some sources are:

Thomas P. Kennard House, Statehood Memorial
This is the official webpage for the Kennard House. It includes photos of the house and of the capital commissioners. more detailed information about the house, and information about visiting the house.

Nebraska State Historical Society Trailblazers
Learn more about Nebraska’s history through this series of newspapers designed for 4th graders. Three pertinent trailblazers for this lesson are available online: "Nebraska Territory," "The State Capitol," and "Town Builders."

Nebraska State Historical Society Library/Archives
Peruse the online catalog of documents, books, maps, and images pertaining to Nebraska.

1889 History of Lincoln Nebraska
This is an online version of the published 1889 History of Lincoln Nebraska.  It discusses the early days of Lancaster County, the establishment of Lincoln, and the people who played a part in the city’s early history. 

Andreas’ History of the State of Nebraska (1882)
This is another online version of a printed book.  It has the history of the capital removal as well as population figures for all counties in Nebraska over several years.

This website offers teachers, students, and history buffs access to archival photos, documents, letters, video segments, maps, and more ─ capturing the life and history of Nebraska from pre-1500 to the present. 

Historical Maps of Nebraska
Hall County, Nebraska has compiled a digital collection of early Nebraska maps.  They were scanned from atlases published between 1850 and 1901.  They also utilized collections at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer and the Nebraska State Historical Society.  The maps pertain to all of Nebraska. 

Panoramic Maps from the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress offers a collection of 19th and 20th century panoramic maps that show a "bird's eye" view of American towns and cities. The main page includes guidance for teachers using these maps in the classroom.

American Memory from the Library of Congress
This digital archive at the Library of Congress provides free access to more than nine million digitized items that document U.S. history and culture.

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