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Drawing 2: “Alice Paul Author of the ERA” poster.

[Drawing 2] “Alice Paul Author of the ERA” poster, by Lucy Picco Simpson, with link to larger version of image.
(Artwork by Lucy Picco Simpson, courtesy of Barry Simpson)

Caption, bottom right of poster: “--Comment of the psychiatrist called to examine Alice Paul while she was in prison in 1917. She was on a hunger strike to protest her imprisonment for leading a women's suffrage demonstration outside the White House. Alice Paul wrote the original Equal Rights Amendment, introduced in the U.S. Congress in 1923 and reintroduced in every Congress until approved for submission to the states in 1972.”

Questions for Drawing 2

1) What does this poster illustrate? When do you think it might have been created? Why? What might the dates signify? Where is Alice Paul in the poster? Who are the people in the back and where are they?

2) Why do you think the artist choose the psychiatrist's quote, “She will die, but she will never give up”? What do you think the psychiatrist meant? What do you think it means here?

3) What happened in 1977? What was the status of the ERA? Why does the author connect 1977 to 1913? (Refer back to Readings 1 and 2, if necessary)

Click for a larger version of Drawing 2.


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