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Drawing 1: Second Floor Plan, Sewall-Belmont House.

[Drawing 1] Second Floor Plan, Sewall-Belmont House, from the HABS/HAER, with link to larger version of image.
(Historic American Buildings Survey)

Questions for Drawing 1

1) Find Alice Paul's bedroom on Drawing 1. From 1929 until 1972, this was where she made her home when she was in Washington. The room was furnished with some of her own furniture. Why do you think she would have wanted to live here? What do you think the advantages would have been for her? What might have been the disadvantages?

2) Go back and review Reading 3. What attitude does Alice Paul seem to have toward the house and who was allowed to stay there? Can you find the little room that Butler Franklin stayed in?

3) What are the other spaces in this floor plan? Are they for personal or "business" use? What does that indicate about how Alice Paul lived her life? How do you think that might benefit the cause? How do you think it would affect the person?

Click for a larger version of Drawing 1.


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