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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: 144 Constitution Ave, NE (circa 1921-1935).

[Photo 1] 144 Constitution Ave, NE (circa 1921-1935), from Library of Congress, with link to larger version of image.
(Library of Congress)

Photo 2: 144 Constitution Ave, NE (1990s).

[Photo 2] F144 Constitution Ave, NE (1990s), from National Park Service, with link to larger version of image.
(National Park Service)

Questions for Photos 1-2

1) What kind of neighborhood do you see in Photo 1? What kinds of buildings? Do you think this is a good place for the National Woman's Party headquarters? Why or why not? What else is nearby? (Refer back to Map 1 if necessary)

2) Does this look like an office building to you? Why or why not? Why do you think the NWP would pick a building like this for its headquarters? (Refer back to Reading 3 if necessary)

3) Compare photos 1 and 2. What changed in the area between the 1920s and the 1990s? Does it look like the headquarters itself changed very much? Do you think the National Woman's Party would choose this site to base their headquarters today? Do you think this is an appropriate place for a lobbying organization? Why or why not?

Click for a larger version of Photo 1.

Click for a larger version of Photo 2.


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