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Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies

A Woman’s Place Is In the Sewall-Belmont House: Alice Paul and Women’s Rights
relates to the following Social Studies Standards:

Theme IV: Individual Development and Identity

  • Standard C - The student describes the ways family, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and institutional affiliations contribute to personal identity.

Theme V: Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

  • Standard B- The student analyzes group and institutional influences on people, events, and elements of culture.
  • Standard E- The student identifies and describes examples of tensions between belief systems and government policies and laws.
  • Standard F- The student describes the role of institutions in furthering both continuity and change.

Theme VI: Power, Authority, and Governance

  • Standard H- The student explains and applies concepts such as power, role, status, justice, and influence to the examination of persistent issues and social problems.

Theme X: Civic Ideals and Practices

  • Standard E- The student explains and analyzes various forms of citizen action that influence public policy decisions.
  • Standard F- The student identifies and explains the roles of formal and informal political actors in influencing and shaping public policy and decision-making.
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