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Locating the Site

Map 1: National Woman's Party in Washington, DC.

[Map 1] Map of Washington, DC, with National Woman's Party headquarters marked.
(National Park Service)

The National Woman's Party (NWP), a woman's rights organization, moved its headquarters four times between 1913 and 1929. The first home was a basement office at 1420 F Street, NW [1]. In 1916, the National Woman's Party moved to Cameron House, at 21 Madison Place, NW [2]. A year later they moved to 14 Jackson Place [3] and stayed there for five years. From 1922 to 1929, the NWP was located in a complex of four row houses at 21-25 First Street, NE [4]. In 1929, the NWP moved for the last time—to the Sewall-Belmont House [5].

Questions for Map 1

1)Where is the Capitol? Where is the White House? Where are the National Woman's Party headquarters? What other major landmarks can you find near it?

2)What benefits are there for a civil rights organization to be near the White House and what benefits to be near the Capitol? Why do you think an organization fighting for new laws might choose to be near the President and Congress?

3)Women's suffrage activists marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in 1913 before President Woodrow Wilson's inauguration. Find Pennsylvania Avenue on the map. Why do you think the activists chose this route? Can you think of any other events that happen on Pennsylvania Avenue?

4) Do you think a civil rights organization today would want to make its headquarters where the NWP did in the 1910s/1920s? If you had a cause, what government building would you want to be near? Why

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