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Ladd Field and the Lend-Lease Mission: Defending Alaska in WWII--
Supplementary Resources

Ladd Field and the Lend-Lease Mission: Defending Alaska in WWII will help students learn about Ladd Field as an important military support center for Alaska during WWII and the Northwest Staging Route of the Lend-Lease mission. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Floyd Bennett Field: Naval Aviation's Home in Brooklyn
This Teaching with Historic Places lesson plan from the National Park Service discusses the achievements in production of aircraft during World War II. The contributions of men and women in reducing the processing time of aircraft from 10 days to 3 ensured that planes reached U.S. and Allied forces faster.

Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms
This National Register of Historic Places online travel itinerary provides information on more than 100 historic places listed in the National Register for associations with the history of aviation. Ladd Field, a National Historic Landmark, is one of the sites featured in the itinerary. The itinerary also includes essays on the Idea of Flight, the Wright Brothers, Aviation Pioneers, Modern Aviation, Air Power, and Space.

NPS, Alaska Regional Office
The Alaska Regional Office of the National Park Service provides detailed resources discussing the history of Ladd Field. Included on the Park Service website are a history of Ladd Field's World War II Heritage, a history of the Cold Weather Testing, and information about the Ladd Field National Historic Landmark.

Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture
The Yukon Archives offers a Canadian perspective on the building of the Alaska Highway presented in comic book format. It includes a chapter dedicated to the Northwest Staging Route. Sound and film clips, pictures, and newspaper articles are incorporated throughout the comic book to assist students with analysis skills.

For students interested in the overall Lend-Lease picture, the PBS program on WWII includes information on "Supplying the Allies." This site supplies the history of the program and statistics on what and where certain supplies went.

To know more about the actual Lend-Lease Act, a complete transcript is available at Our Documents.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress's online exhibit "Russian Archives" includes a detailed analysis of Soviet-American relations and translations of Soviet primary documents with a section that specifically discusses the wartime alliance created by the Lend-Lease program.

Alaska Historical Society
Very often, Alaska's role in WWII is overlooked. The Alaska Historical Society website has a good summary of how WWII impacted Alaska as well as suggestions for additional reading.

World War II in Alaska Resource
For teachers who want a collection of resources, the National Park Service booklet, "World War II in Alaska: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Students" has an excellent chronological summary of the war in Alaska and resource lists on various topics.

For Further Reading
For further reading, consider Alaska At War, 1941-1945: The Forgotten War Remembered (University of Alaska Press, 2007), edited by Fern Chandonnet. This is a conference anthology and covers many aspects of the Alaskan war experience.

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