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Curriculum Standards for United States History Standards for Grades 5-12

Ladd Field and the Lend-Lease Mission:
Defending Alaska in WWII

relates to the following Alaska State Standards for History:

AK.B. Performance/Content Standard: History

  • B.2: Understand the people and the political, geographic, economic, cultural, social, and environmental events that have shaped the history of the state, the United States and the world.
  • B.4: Recognize the importance of time, ideas, institutions, people, places, cultures, and events in understanding larger historical patterns.

AK.C. Performance/Content Standard: History

  • C.2: Use historical data from a variety of primary resources, including letters, diaries, oral accounts, archaeological sites and artifacts, art, maps, photos, historical sites, documents and secondary research materials including almanacs, books, and newspapers.
  • C.3: Apply thinking skills including classifying, interpreting, analyzing, summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating to understand the historical record.
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