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Photo 6: Indiana Memorial Panel as it looks today.

[Photo 7: Lincoln Memorial Hall] with link to larger version of image.
(Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial)

This panel of Lincoln’s life in Indiana is one of five panels on the memorial building at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial that represents the different phases of Lincoln’s life.

Questions for Photo 6

1. Which one of the figures do you think is Lincoln? Why? What years of his life does this panel represent? In what ways does the panel reflect what you learned in the readings?

2. The inscription is a quote from Lincoln. What is the relationship between the text and the carved figures? What is Lincoln holding? Can you think of one of Lincoln’s nicknames that this represents (if not, do an internet search of “Lincoln” and the name of the tool he is holding)?

3. What other symbols related to Abraham Lincoln’s youth can you find in this picture? What Lincoln “themes” do they represent? Do you think this panel reflects a national veneration of Lincoln? Why or why not?

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