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Visual Evidence

Photograph 2: Artifacts at the bottom of a well.

[Photo 2: Artifacts at the bottom of a well.] with link to larger version of photo.
(Paul G. Avery, photographer)

These artifacts were recovered from the base of a well, about 20 feet below the ground surface.  This photograph shows the position in which the artifacts were discovered. The scale bar is 50 centimeters in length.

Questions for Photograph 2:

1) How many artifacts do you see? Do they have “context”? (Refer back to Reading 4)

2) How do you think these artifacts ended up at the bottom of a well? The artifact at the bottom center of the photograph is a ceramic container with the mouth and neck of a glass bottle sticking out of the soil inside the container. How do you think the bottle came to be inside the other container?

3) The black and white object at the bottom of the photograph is a tool used by archeologists.  What do you think it is used for? Why do you think it would be important?

Click for a larger version of Photo 2.



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