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    Map 2, Key to Diagram

    Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 constitute what is now the Arlington Hotel.  The following names indicate former or present residents:

    1. Reverdy Johnson, Senator and Minister to England; James Buchanan and Benjamin Harrison, Presidents-elect; the Prince of Wales.
    2. William L. Marcy, Secretary of War and Secretary of State.
    3. Lewis Cass, Secretary of War and Secretary of State.
    4. Senator Charles Sumner.
    5. Senator Pomeroy.
    6. Lord Ashburton, British Ambassador.
    7. St. John’s Episcopal Church, attended by all the Presidents prior to Lincoln.
    8. John Hay, poet and historian.
    9. Henry Adams, author and grandson of President John Quincy Adams.
    10. Senator John Slidell; Walter A. Wood, inventor and manufacturer (present occupant).
    11. Senator Daniel Webster; Mr. Montothlon, French Ambassador; William Corcoran, banker (last occupant).
    12. Admiral Shubrick (last occupant).
    13. Judge Bancroft Davis, Secretary of State and Minister to Germany (present occupant).
    14. George Bancroft (last occupant).
    15. Commodore Stephen Decatur; Henry Clay; Martin Van Buren, Vice-president; Edward Livingston, Secretary of State; George M. Dallas, Vice-president; General Beale (present occupant).
    16. William L. Marcy, Secretary of War; Representative Newberry, of Michigan; Senator James G. Blaine; Representative William L. Scott (present occupant).
    17. Charles C. Glover, banker (present occupant).
    18. William Murtagh, Editor; General Frank Steele (present occupant).
    19. Major-General J. G. Parke.
    20. Commodore Stockton; Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasury under Van Buren; John C. Spencer, Secretary of the Treasury under Tyler; General Daniel E. Sickles; Vice-president Schuyler Colfax; Washington McLean, Editor Cincinnati Enquirer.
    21. Mrs. James Blair, daughter of General Jesup.
    22. Senator Gorman; George F. Appleby (present occupant).
    23. Admiral Alden; Major Henry R. Rathbone; General N. L. Anderson; Senator Dolph (present occupant).
    24. Mrs. Green, daughter of Admiral Dahlgren; Colonel William H. Philip.
    25. John McLean, Cincinnati Enquirer.
    26. Peter Parker, Minister to China; Bureau of American Republics, William E. Curtis, chief.
    27. Francis P. Blair; Montgomery Blair; Thomas Ewing, Secretary of the Treasury.
    28. Rev. Smith Pyne; Commodore Morris.
    29. Dolley Madison; Commodore Wilkes, General McClellan; Cosmos Club (present occupant).
    30. William Windom, Secretary of the Treasury.
    31. Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll.
    32. Ogle Tayloe; Admiral Paulding; Senator Don Cameron (present occupant).
    33. Henry Clay, Secretary of State; John C. Calhoun, Vice-president; Washington Club; William H. Seward, Secretary of State; James G. Blaine, Secretary of State.
    34. United States Attorney-general’s office.
    35. Jackson’s equestrian statue.
    36. Lafayette’s monument.


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