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Photo 3: U.S. Post Office and Federal Building (now Byron R. White U.S. Courthouse), Denver, Colorado, August 1914

[Photo 3] with link to larger version of image.(General Services Administration.)

Denver’s federal building, which takes up an entire city block, is clad in Colorado Yule marble. Classical features include a symmetrical design, low-pitched roof, huge columns on the main facade, engaged columns (columns attached to a wall) on the remaining sides, and a large entablature (a series of horizontal bands directly above a set of columns). Above the main entrance, the entablature includes names of several cities to the east and west of Denver, symbolizing the flow of mail across the country. Other sides of the building feature Latin phrases that translate "The law causes wrong or injury to no one" and "To no one shall we deny justice, nor shall we discriminate in its application."

Questions for Photo 3

1. Based on Reading 3, how do you think this building would have related to developments in Denver in the early 20th century? How do you think the citizens of Denver would have reacted to a new federal building that looked like this?

2. What can you tell about building methods, etc. of the time period by studying this photo?

3. Based on the written description, try to identify some of the building’s classical features. Click here for a drawing to help you identify architectural features.

4. Do you think the decorative details on this building are important? Why or why not?

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