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Visual Evidence

Photo 4: Mary McLeod Bethune in the Council House parlor, 1945[Photo 4] with link to larger version.
(Mary McLeod Bethune Council House NHS. Photographer unknown.)

Photo 5: Council House parlor today. [Phoro 5] with link to larger version.
(Mary McLeod Bethune Council House NHS)

In the living room or parlor, Bethune and NCNW members welcomed many distinguished guests. At Bethune's request, Abe Lichtman, a theater owner, used his own decorator (and his personal funds) to furnish and decorate the room. Using historic photographs and surviving furniture, the National Park Service has recreated the look of the Council House during the period Bethune lived in the house.

Questions for Photos 4 and 5

1. Find the parlor on Drawing 1. Which area of the room is shown in Photos 4 and 5? On what did you base your answer?

2. What purposes did this room serve? Why would it have been important to the members of NCNW to have this room richly furnished and decorated?

3. How does this room demonstrate Bethune's resourcefulness?

4. Compare the two photos. Why would the 1945 photo have been valuable during the restoration?

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