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Visual Evidence

Drawing 1: Council House, first floor plan. [Drawing 1] with link to larger image.
(Historic American Buildings Survey.)

Drawing 2: Council House, second floor plan. [Drawing 2] with link to larger image.
(Historic American Buildings Survey.)

Drawings 1 and 2 are labeled according to how NCNW used the rooms during Bethune's tenancy. NCNW members used the first floor front room or parlor as a reception area and converted the dining room into a conference room and library. In this space, committees met and planned various programs such as the annual conference. The largest room on the second floor became office space for NCNW staff. This floor also housed Bethune's bedroom and private office. Bedrooms on the third floor accommodated African American visitors who were not permitted to stay in most hotels in the segregated city.

Questions for Drawings 1 and 2

1. Compare Drawings 1 and 2 with Photo 1. Where is the front of the house on the drawings?

2. Briefly describe the use of the main rooms of the house.

3. Study the placement and size of the rooms. What might have been some challenges NCNW faced in using a house as a headquarters for a national organization? What might have been some challenges that Bethune faced in living in the same house that served as the headquarters?

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