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Photo 5: Onlookers along the route to Montgomery.

[Photo 4] with link to larger version of photo.
(© Bettmann/CORBIS)

Questions for Photo 5

1. This photo shows some of the people lined up to watch the marchers pass. Why do you think they were there? The flag the man is displaying is the flag of the Confederacy. What do you think it represents for him and for the marchers?

2. Does the body language of the man holding the flag suggest anything about his attitude towards the marchers?

3. In Reading 2, Jamie Wallace says that they were worried about what the people along the road might do during the march of March 7. What do you think he was afraid of? On March 7 there were only a few hundred marchers. If you were one of the people marching on that day, how do you think you would feel about people like this? This photo was taken sometime between March 21 and March 25. How do the marchers in this photo seem to be reacting to the by-standers? Based on Photo 4, what factors do you think might have affected their attitude?

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