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Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies

Navesink Lighthouse and Robbins Reef Lighthouse: Lighting the Way Through New York Bay
relates to the following Social Studies Standards:

    Theme II: Time, Continuity and Change

  • Standard C: The student identifies and describes selected historical periods and patterns of change within and across cultures, such as the rise of civilizations, the development of transportation systems, the growth and breakdown of colonial systems and others.

    Theme III: People, Places and Environments

  • Standard A: The student elaborates mental maps of locales, regions, and the world that demonstrate understanding of relative location, direction, size, and shape.
  • Standard E: The student locates and describes varying landforms and geographic features, such as mountains, plateaus, islands, rain forests, deserts, and oceans, and explains their relationships within the ecosystem.
  • Standard J: The student observes and speculates about social and economic effects of environmental changes and crises resulting from phenomena such as floods, storms, and drought.

    Theme V Individuals, Groups and Institutions

  • Standard F: The student describes the role of institutions in furthering both continuity and change.
  • Standard G: The student applies knowledge of how groups and institutions work to meet individual needs and promote the common good.

    Theme VI Power, Authority and Governance

  • Standard G: The student describes and analyzes the role of technology in communications, transportation, information-processing, weapons development, or other areas as it contributes to or helps resolve conflicts.


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