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Photo 4 - Artifact 2
[Photo 4] with link to larger version of photo.(Courtesy [Springfield, Illinois] State Journal Register, Photographer: Shannon Kirshner)

Questions for Photos 4

1. This artifact measures approximately 2 inches by inch. It is made of brass. The inscription reads "ILLS. STATE FAIR 1903." What do you think it might have been originally?

2. The archeologists who found it in the excavations at the New Philadelphia weren't sure either, but they eventually discovered that it was part of a pin that was given to veterans of the Civil War or the Spanish American War by the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Civil War veterans. The veterans were admitted free on Old Soldiers' Day at the Illinois State Fair in 1903. Another pin like this, inscribed with the words "SAN FRANCISCO," was found in more recent investigations. What do you think these artifacts suggest about the people who lived in New Philadelphia?

3. Why is the date of this souvenir pin important? Refer to Reading 3, if necessary.

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