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Photo 2: The Stone House, March 1862. [Graphic] Photo 2 with link to higher quality photo.
(Library of Congress)

The Stone House was the home of the Henry Matthews family during the Civil War. The house served as a hospital following the first battle of Manassas.

Questions for Photo 2

1. Nearly every available building near the battlefield was pressed into service as a hospital to treat the thousands of wounded. What features in the photograph indicate the Stone House made a good place for a hospital?

2. In the Civil War, armies often moved on immediately following the end of a battle, leaving the dead and wounded in the hands of local people, like the Matthews family who lived in the Stone House. These families were not necessarily paid for their efforts or provided with medicines or other provisions. What effect would this have on the family, both immediately and over time? How would you feel under such circumstances?

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