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The Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1715 and 1733:
Disasters Strike at Sea--
Supplementary Resources

By studying The Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1715 and 1733:
Disasters Strike at Sea
students learn how Spain established a New World empire based on collecting precious metals and goods from the Americas. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserves
Florida's Office of Cultural and Historical Programs maintains web pages on its Underwater Archaeological Preserves. Visit the web site for detailed information on both the Urca de Lima and the San Pedro wreck sites.

Exploring Florida: Social Studies Resources for Students and Teachers
This web site contains thousands of educational resources for use in the classroom including maps, historic photographs, and readings. The Florida Then & Now section features reproducible readings, questions, and activity sheets for an upper elementary study of Florida History.

Florida State University Underwater Archaeology Projects
In 1988, Florida State University (in conjunction with Indiana University) conducted a survey of the known shipwrecks of the 1733 fleet as a Field School in Underwater Archaeology. Visit the Program's web site for more information.

Indiana University Underwater Science Program
Indiana University's Underwater Science Program helped survey and record the remains of the San Pedro and was instrumental in developing the underwater guide to the site. Visit the Program's web site for links to the site plan, the guide, and photographs of the wreck.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary seeks to foster an appreciation and understanding of our maritime heritage. The education team has developed a historic Shipwreck Trail that tells the stories of nine historic vessels (including the San Pedro) that sank within Sanctuary waters.

The Maritime & Yachting Museum
Located in Stuart, Florida, the Maritime & Yachting Museum is dedicated to preserving significant and irreplaceable boats and artifacts as well as providing maritime and yachting educational programs. The museum's web site includes an article on the Urca de Lima.

The Spanish Embassy
For more information about the Spanish Embassy, please visit their web site. Included on the site is a description of various cultural projects with which the embassy is involved.

Si, Spain
Si, Spain is web site promoting information exchange on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic, and cultural development. Please visit this site for more information on Spanish history, including the rise and fall of its empire.

National Register of Historic Places
Florida Shipwrecks: 300 Years of Maritime History
This online travel itinerary highlights 13 historic shipwrecks (including the Urca de Lima and the San Pedro) listed in the National Register of Historic Places that are accessible to divers and reveal the wonders and mysteries of Florida's maritime past.

National Park Service Archeology Program
The National Park Service Archeology Program web site includes the section, Preserving a Submerged Legacy, which features articles on protecting submerged maritime resources, technical assistance, and links to relevant sites.


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