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Photo 5: Launch Control Facility Delta-01. [Photo 5] with link to larger version of photo.
(National Park Service)

The Delta-01 Launch Control Facility was one of 15 constructed in the missile field of western South Dakota. The Delta-01 structure was neither hidden nor advertised. Instead it was of basic ranch design, made to look the same as many structures in this region of South Dakota. However, this installation was surrounded by a chain link fence, an array of bizarre antennas, and it had a helicopter landing pad.

Questions for Photo 5

1. What kind of building does this look like to you? Would you think that it controlled nuclear missiles?

2. What was the mission of the staff who served in Delta-01? If needed, refer to Reading 3.

3. Why do think the Launch Control Center was beneath the surface instead topside beside the rest of the Launch Control Facility?

4. Based on what you have learned in the readings and observed in the photos, would you rather work in the above ground facility of the LCC bunker below ground? How would your jobs differ in each place?

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