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Photo 4: Funeral Dignitaries in front of Lincoln's Home, May 1865. [Photo 4] with link to larger version of photo.
(Courtesy Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum)

A shocked nation was thrown into mourning upon receiving word of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. After funeral services in Washington, the Lincoln funeral train, with Lincoln's remains and those of his son Willie, departed Washington and began a 12-day trip back to Springfield. The funeral train arrived in Springfield on May 3, and Lincoln's remains were placed in the Representative's Hall of the State House. The following day, the Lincoln funeral procession left the state house and passed buildings associated with Lincoln's life that were draped in mourning, on its way to Oak Ridge Cemetery, where Lincoln and Willie were laid to rest.

Daily State Journal
Thursday, May 4, 1865
"The President's House"
Large numbers of citizens and strangers visited the former residence of the late President, at the corner of Eight and Jefferson [Jackson] streets. It was most tastefully decorated with the national mourning colors and evergreens. The delegation of one hundred from Chicago repaired to the house and had their photographs taken in connection with the house, as a memorial of a solemn occasion and visit.

Questions for Photos 4

1. Analyze Photo 4. How does Photo 4 compare and contrast with how the house looks in Photos 1 and 2? What are the similarities? What are the differences? How do the tones or moods in the different photos compare?

2. Why do you think delegates would pose in front of Lincoln's home in the aftermath of his tragic death?

3. How does the text of Reading 4 compare to what you see in Photo 4?

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