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Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial: Forging Greatness during Lincoln's Youth

[Photo] Nancy Hanks Lincoln gravesite, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

[Photo] Cabin Site Memorial, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
(National Park Service)


n the newly formed state of Indiana on the western frontier, Abraham Lincoln spent 14 of the most formative years of his life growing from youth into manhood (1816-1830). Many of the character traits and moral values that made Abraham one of the world's most respected leaders were formed and nurtured here. It was here on a rural farm that he learned to laugh with his father, cried over the death of his mother, read the books that opened his mind, and triumphed over the adversities of life on the frontier.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, a unit of the National Park Service, preserves the site of the farm where Abraham Lincoln spent his life from the ages of 7 to 21. The park includes a memorial visitor center built by the state of Indiana in the 1940s; a cabin site memorial; the cemetery where his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is buried; and a recreated living history farm where visitors can experience frontier life.


About This Lesson

Getting Started: Inquiry Question

Setting the Stage: Historical Context

Locating the Site: Maps
 1. Migration route of the Lincoln family
 2. Indiana and surrounding area, 1816
 3. The Little Pigeon Creek Community

Determining the Facts: Readings
 1. Abraham Lincoln in Indiana
 2. Learning By Littles
 3. The Indiana Frontier
 4. The Youth of Indiana Becomes the President
 of the United States

Visual Evidence: Images
 1. Lincoln's Sum Book Pages
 2. Lincoln's Sum Book Pages
 3. Nancy Hanks Lincoln gravesite
 4. Cabin Site Memorial
 5. Reconstructed Pioneer Log Cabin
 6. Carding Wool
 7. Spinning Wool

Putting It All Together: Activities
 1. Recreating a Personal Childhood
 2. Abraham Lincoln and U.S. History
 3. Important Figures in the Local Community

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Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

The lesson is based on the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, one of the thousands of properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial has been designated a National Historic Landmark.



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