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About This Lesson

This lesson is based on the National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Dr. M.T. Pope House, the Pope House Museum Foundation website, the Pope Family Papers, and other source materials. The lesson was written by Elizabeth Arnold Hull, graduate student in history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Melissa Prycer, Program Manager, Old City Park: The Historical Village of Dallas, Dallas, TX. The lesson plan was edited by the Teaching with Historic Places staff. This lesson is one in a series that brings the important stories of historic places into the classrooms across the country.

Where it fits into the curriculum
Topics: This lesson could be used in teaching units on African-American history--including themes on segregation, the Jim Crow era, the growth of the black middle class, and the beginning of the movement for civil rights in the early 20th century.
Time period: 1880-1920
Relevant United States History Standards for Grades 5-12
Relevant Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
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Objectives for students
1) To list some of the values and objectives of the black middle class at the beginning of the 20th century.
2) To outline efforts made by Dr. Pope and other African Americans to gain civil rights in the years before the modern Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.
3) To identify the attributes that helped Dr. M.T. Pope succeed as an African-American entrepreneur and citizen.
4) To research how race relations shaped their community, past and present.

Materials for students
The materials listed below either can be used directly on the computer or can be printed out, photocopied, and distributed to students. The maps and images appear twice: in a smaller, low-resolution version with associated questions and alone in a larger version.
1) two maps of downtown Raleigh, NC;
2) four readings from the Pope family papers;
3) five photographs of or related to the Pope family;
4) one illustration from a local newspaper from the early 20th century.

Visiting the site
The Pope House Museum Foundation is located at 511 S. Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh, NC. The house is not open to the public for tours, as it is not yet restored. The Foundation hopes to raise the necessary funds to restore the Pope House, build an Education and Visitors' Center, and open the property to the public in the near future. For more information, please write to the Pope House Museum Foundation, 511 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601, or call 919-996-2220, or visit the Pope House Museum Foundation website.



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