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Visual Evidence

Photo 4: Cement testing site for Hoover dam (curing room added at right), Old Fort c. 1929. [Photo 5] with link to larger version of photo.
(Special collections, UNLV Libraries, Henry Wicking Collection 0009-0004)

Plans for construction of Hoover Dam opened up a new era for the old fort and ranch. To make the building usable, the Bureau of Reclamation combined three structures into one, made the walls uniform in height, and put in new doorways and windows and a cement floor. It was used for a testing lab for gravel.

Photo 4 of the cement testing site is from the east side of the old fort.

Questions for Photo 4

1. Who owned the building c. 1929? What other activities are happening at the fort/ranch during this period? If needed, refer to Reading 3.

2. Outline the history of the fort and compare and contrast Photo 6 to the other images in Visual Evidence. Do these images give you a better idea as to how the use of the fort has changed over time? Why or why not?

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