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Visual Evidence

Painting 1: Las Vegas Fort in 1876, Frederick S. Dellenbaugh's painting. [Painting 1] with link to larger version of photo.
(Photograph courtesy of Special Collections, UNLV Libraries, Edwards Collection 0214- 0164. The painting is owned by the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, Las Vegas, NV.)

The Dellenbaugh painting gives an overview of the complex from what appears to be the south. Across the creek, a small house with a gabled roof and porch is visible. This may have been a residence modified later for a store house or store. In the middle of the far wall, a long gabled building appears.

Questions for Painting 1

1. What are your impressions of the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort and the surrounding landscape? What conclusions can you draw about the Mormon's lifestyle while at the fort?

2. How many years after the Mormons left was this painting created? How would you describe the remnants of the fort at this time?

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